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Girls In Airports, Martin Brygmann, Cecilie Strrange,  Kaleiido, Thomas Blachman, Cæcilie Norby, Carsten Dahl, Stefan Pasborg, A.C., Jakob Høyer, Thommy Anderson, Benjamin Koppel, Maria Lucia, Michael Carøe, Lars Hjortshøj, Mick Øgendahl, Szhirley, Alex Riel, Brian Blade, Scott Colley, Bjarte Eike, Dreamers Circus, Danish String Quartet, Jakob Bro, Cirkus Revyen


In our productions we’re always determined to create an experience, lasting longer than the length of our film.

The Village Visuals have since 2018 created over 100 films. From music videos all the way to corporate work. We always adapt our final product, to all of the platforms our costumers wants to be released upon. 

We make original films that always fits the ambition & concept we are presented with. We believe that motion-pictures tells a story and sells a product, in a way no other media manages to do. 

When we started The Village Visuals in 2018 our primary focus was producing film to accompany music. To our advantage it taught us to help express the artist’s values and aesthetic expression, visually. 

To visualize other peoples ideas, tell their story or translate their vision became our trademark. The close relation as well as our returning clients became a big part of what we do and our profile in general. Our visual ambitions always remain the same whether we are working with artists or businesses. We always strive for matching the visual output with the message of the artist/business.

In 2022 our philosophy remains the same & we’ve translated our work to fit a multitude of different genres. The cinematic look along with aesthetic details is integratet in all off our productions. We always have a clear visual profile, a captivating sonic production and leave our costumers with a feeling of their ambitions being met by us and hopefully exceeded. 

In the production we’re always keen on understanding who is the messenger and who our film is received by. Every story can be told but there is a lot of ways to do so. For every new project it’s important to us, to make sure we understand exactly how you want your project presented visually as well as sonically. In the beginning of every new project we’re curious to know what visual/sonic preferences you have for the upcoming collaboration. We wanna make sure, that we are a 100% on the same page. 

We’re a small team based in Copenhagen who are all involved in the projects we acquire. We’ll be working together the whole time and we’ll be in contact through out all of the different stages of our production. To us, a finished product is when our film meets the ambitions of the client and their message is successfully communicated to the target audience. We always take the full responsibility in terms of the process of production and everything in between. And most importantly, a product is not finished until you’re satisfied with the result.


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2 - Written Offer

3 - Storyboard & Shooting plan

4 - Shoot

5 - First Edit

6 - Round Of Corrections

7 - Finished Project

8 - Invoice

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